buy softly.

Exhibit Design / Print / 3D Design / Book Design

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, just after the oil industry. We now consume about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year, which is 400% more than the amount just twenty years ago. Every piece of clothing we buy has an impact on our planet whether its in our closet or in our trash. We need to start choosing quality over quantity and break the habit of overconsumption.

The goal of my exhibition was to promote mindful shopping, inform people about the severity of fast fashion and the impact it has on the world as a whole. Over-consumption is one of the the biggest issues within consumer behavior. Bringing mindfulness into the equation brings awareness to the issue in a more positive light, giving us a campaign to get behind.

2019 – ASU, The Design School


Baltic birch wood
Cotton String
Recycled Fabric
Paint - "Lavender Cloud"

The average consumer has a lack of awareness about how the fast fashion industry effects them. This campaign promotes positive ways of shopping in order to create change in shopping habits.

80 Billion
The amount of new clothing the
world now consumes every year.
This is 400% more than what we
consumed just two decades ago.

This book is filled with research, analysis, processes and experiences completed over my final year in the Visual Communication Design program at Arizona State University. Each student is required to choose and focus on a social issue, which becomes the focal point of many projects we work on throughout the year.


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